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An Award!

Morita from Inspirational Beading gave The Craft Map a wonderful award. Here is what she has to say:

Introducing The Empanda Blog Award

The Empanda Blog Award by Inspirational Beading
Receiving recognition, or a thumbs up from our peers is a wonderful feeling. When a fellow blogger receives a meme award, and chooses to pass it on to you, it’s a great compliment - a sign that you’ve been noticed and that your blog is pretty darn good.

Recently, I was inspired by some of my fellow blog artists to create an award of my own. The Empanda Award is named for the Roman goddess of kindness and generosity. Also referred to as Panda, her temples were true sanctuaries, and often distributed food to the needy instead of hoarding it.

The Empanda Blog Award is for bloggers who inspire us with their kindness and generosity. It is for bloggers who do good deeds, such as sharing their knowledge freely, or promoting the work of others.

I am giving the first official Empanda Blog Award to three very special bloggers, who have given me much reason to smile over the past few weeks. Their hard work and friendly nature are great examples to anyone who is trying to stand out in the realm of blogging."

Friday, March 19, 2010

We've Reached A Milestone!

We’ve reached a milestone and it took 27 days, 15 hours, 19 minutes and 0 seconds.

So what am I talking about? We gained our 100th mapper! And she is – drum roll please - Allison Rosen from Within a Quarter Inch.

What is unique about Allison, in my opinion, is that she has a podcast. So, in honor of Allison:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things Are Always Changing

Things are always changing here at The Craft Map - and for the better too. Daily, updates are made to the map adding new crafters. Continue to see who is crafting in your area of the world.

New features arrive too! If you take a look at the Crafters by List page,  you'll see that lists have been added. The new lists feature mappers on Facebook and Twitter. So now, you can easily follow each other, become friends and keep up to date. If you do use a link, please let them know you found them on The Craft Map.
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

We've Reached That Point

I knew we would reach this point sometime, I didn't know how fast we would get there. I have added so many crafter bloggers that I can no longer add a button for each site, there isn't enough real estate on the map. The buttons were beginning to overlap. I spent considerable time updating last night so now there is one button per state with a list of crafters under each state listing. The blogs are listed in alphabetical order. Take a look, there is also a page that lists each craft blogger by location as well as those that offer instructions and those that sell on ArtFire or Etsy.

Please continue to share this blog with fellow crafters as well as supporting each other.

Consider reaching out to the other bloggers in your state or those that work in the same medium. And mention you found them on The Craft Map.